About Me


Welcome to Coaching with Deborah, I am here to help you have the life that you truly want.

I have worked in the field of consulting and coaching for more than 20 years, my emphasis is now on life coaching, parenting coaching and eating/nutrition related coaching.
For many years prior to my consulting work, I was as a specialist community health nurse, working with family health and wellness in the UK and then Hong Kong. Following on from this, I specialised as a parenting consultant, based in Hong Kong and and also working internationally for 10 years, helping thousands of families with infant and child sleep, nutrition and behaviour issues.

With my many years of experience working one to one with clients; delivering advice, support and strategies for change, I got to a point where I knew that I wanted more for my clients. I wanted to help empower them to find their own solutions, to see and believe in their own strengths, troubleshooting ability and resourcefulness to effect change.
My belief is that when you feel in charge of your own life and your choices, know yourself well and know what you want, you are in a more resilient, happier and empowered place, which enables you to deal with future challenges more confidently and effectively.
With this vision in mind,  I moved from a consulting role to a coaching role and completed more training to enable me to work more deeply and transformationally to help my clients to achieve more in their lives than they knew was possible.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, having completed Leadership That Works Coaching for Transformation  programme (ICF accredited) and am also an Eating Psychology/Mind Body Nutrition Certified Coach (IPE, USA).
My eating psychology qualification enables me to work with people who have an eating or nutritional challenge, such as: emotional eating; binge or compulsive eating; endless dieting; digestion problems; macro and micro nutrient imbalances; mood and immunity issues associated with eating, and much more.

Whatever the presenting issue, I help my clients to tap into their resourcefulness and move confidently towards the life they want and to reach their goals. 



  • Gaining more clarity, fulfilment and ease in your life
  • Moving forward from being stuck in an aspect of your life/work/relationships
  • Navigating and befriending your relationship with food and helping you find the nutritional balance that works for you
  • Knowing which path to take when you find yourself at a crossroads in life
  • Understanding and overcoming your emotional eating patterns 
  • Enabling you to be more confident with and to more easily navigate parenting or family issues


Whether you have family, personal, work or relationship issues, as your coach my aim is to be your partner during your journey from being stuck or in chaos over something, to a feeling of clarity, self-alignment, and peace.

Whilst developing a good general understanding of your past events and how they have impacted your life, I will be focusing on strategies that will enable you to move forward, towards the life you want.

My Promise to you as your Coach
    • To give you all possible assistance, support, encouragement and guidance to achieve the outcomes and goals you desire.
    • To challenge you on any false assumptions and limited thinking that may hinder your progress towards your ultimate goals and aspirations.
    • To share my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise where appropriate and when required.
    • To always be completely honest with you.
    • To conduct all my dealings with you with empathy, respect, confidentiality and integrity.
    • To be committed to all agreements made with you and to working with you to the best of my ability.
    • To treat information discussed with you or written by you or me with complete confidentiality.
    • To do my best for you at all times.
    • To always be prepared and ready for your coaching sessions and calls.
Our initial contact will be a free 20 minute informal phone or Skype chat, to discuss why you want coaching and what your expectations of coaching and of me are. I will be asking you questions to find out more about you and your life and to establish whether we are a good fit to work together.  
I have now had several sessions of coaching with Deborah, and found the experience very empowering. Deborah firstly put me at ease, with her kind and human touch, explaining how we would progress with the coaching, together we identified my main areas of concern and Deborah helped me to look to the future imagining my goals and then how to make them realistic and obtainable. My areas of concern were a large weight gain and general stagnation of doing anything I'd previously enjoyed, I had an excuse for everything! I needed to move forward but was floundering…. Deborah gave me the tools and encouragement to find my resources to help myself, setting realistic goals to work towards. She helped me realise that a lot of negativity was holding me back and we worked towards a resolution, helping me take control of situations that had made me feel helpless in the past. Since my sessions with Deborah I have become a lot more focused, have lost weight and started to exercise. I have been able to incorporate things in my daily routine that would have been impossible for me to do previously, before Deborah's help. I've really enjoyed my coaching sessions, and found her to be very grounding and nurturing, her positive encouragement has made her a joy to work with. I have found the whole experience very enlightening and would definitely encourage anyone thinking about trying coaching to seek her out. Lorraine 2017

I have found the Transformational Coaching which I have been doing with Deborah extremely rewarding. Deborah has helped me to come to terms with issues that have been buried for a long time. The sessions have given me tools to help me deal with behaviours that I had found hard to break previously, they have also taught me how to cope with emotions and memories that previously I hadn't dealt with. I can thoroughly recommend doing coaching sessions with Deborah, she is very professional while at the same time being also very approachable and trustworthy.

Susan 2016

It's been a wonderful journey for me as your client and your coaching has helped me become more self aware and to grow as a person. You have a very easy, approachable and insightful style of coaching which is very "YOU". I really appreciate your friendly yet professional attitude and your willingness and commitment to constantly grow with me. I love your partnership style of coaching and have always felt I have a friend and partner in you as my coach. I would definitely recommend you and look forward to many more coaching conversations in the future with you. Thank you and lots of love, Warmly,

Taral 2016


If you are interested and would like to see how we could work together and get a feel for what coaching can offer you.